Worst Foods for Children's Teeth

Child dentist Congratulations! Your child is getting older and ready for a wider variety of food. It’s exciting to think about the new array of foods you can offer your growing eater. Dental in Fairbanks, AK, wants you to know which foods to avoid as they can cause harm your children’s teeth.

Fruit vs. Veggies

It’s common knowledge that every nutritionist in America encourages you to eat five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. This is a broad recommendation, and children, even very young ones, often choose fruit over veggies due to their natural sweetness. Although naturally occurring sugar is always preferred to man-made sweets, dentists know that too much fruit can degrade the fragile teeth in young children. Try to maintain a balance for long term mouth health.


Packing snacks for your kids is a daily task. It’s nice to have easy-to-pack, simple options to take on the road for your daily adventures or tuck in backpacks. But Fairbanks dentists warn that some of the “go-to” choices that kids love can lead to quick cavities.


Avoid any gummy snacks, even the ones labeled as natural, even if they say they’re made with fresh fruit. The sugar content can be as high as candy and cookies!


It’s so convenient to slather some peanut butter between crackers or slice up cheese chunks, yet although crackers aren’t “sweet”, they’re loaded with carbs. Carb heavy foods have a particularly long acid process in the mouth, converting to sugar quickly and increasing the risk of plaque-building-bacteria lingering long after the cracker is gone.

Children Sports

More children of every age play sports than ever before and the commitment can be intense. Keeping them strong with plenty of energy and fully hydrated is a major focus. The result has been a boom in the sports-related food and drink industry.

Energy Bars

The number of bars on the market is quite diverse. Some focus on protein as their energy benefit, while others promise hydration recovery after an intense workout. Read the ingredients carefully before giving them to your children.

Sports Drinks

Although it may seem like you’re arming your youngster to play a good game, what you’re really doing is giving them a bottle full of sugar. Water is always the best answer for total hydration and to promote natural energy.

Set your children up for total health from a young age by visiting dental in Fairbanks, AK, twice a year, maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine at home, and limiting the worst foods for their young teeth.