Why You Should See the Dentist Every 6 Months

Visiting the dentist regularly is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The External link opens in new tab or windowAmerican Dentist Association recommends at least one visit to the dentist annually, but scheduling an appointment every six months is optimal to help you prevent many oral problems.

Detecting any problems in your teeth or gums early enough will save you the money and the pain of undergoing complex procedures to fix the issues. Here are just a few reasons you should see the dentist every six months:

Prevents Tooth Decay

Sugary foods can destroy your teeth through a bacterial activity that takes place when the particles get trapped between your teeth. Brushing and flossing are great at removing most of those leftover scraps, but miniscule bits remain trapped in place and cling to your teeth, causing considerable damage.

Plaque slowly builds up and can harm your teeth if you do not visit a dentist every six months. Your External link opens in new tab or windowdentist in Fairbanks can easily diagnose and treat tooth decay to avoid gum disease or painful cavities.

Stops Gum Disease

Gum disease causes a lot of pain and discomfort. If they catch it early enough, your dentist can detect the symptoms and put you on medication before it escalates into a serious issue and costs you your teeth.

Severe gum disease is characterized by pain, redness, swelling of the gums, and at times, the teeth may be shaky or fall out altogether. With proper oral hygiene, flossing, and regular cleaning from your dentist in Fairbanks, you can maintain healthy teeth and prevent gum disease.

Prevents Plaque

Plaque is a bacteria bearing a sticky deposit that clings to your teeth and gum line. When left to build up, plaque causes teeth discoloration, cavities, tooth decay, and gum problems. Among the many causes of plaque is not brushing your teeth as often as you should.

Because cavities develop from a reaction between bacteria and food that remains in the mouth, failing to brush even a single day can speed the process up. A visit to the dentist every six months leaves your teeth clean and healthy and prevents plaque buildup.

Saves Money

Detecting oral problems early on will save you money in the long run. A regular visit to the dentist will ensure your teeth and gum are well maintained, and you will reduce the risks of developing gum diseases and tooth decay.

Seeing the dentist often enough means that your chances of needing complicated and expensive treatment procedures like a External link opens in new tab or windowroot canal decrease significantly. It’s similar to taking your car in for an oil change—if you take the time to maintain a healthy supply of oil, your car will continue running smoothly. If you ignore it, you’ll be on the hook for a larger, more expensive repair later on.

Improves Your Smile

Regular dental visits can brighten, whiten, and clean your teeth. Clean and whitened teeth will add more confidence to your smile and keep you feeling good about yourself. Your dentist will advise what kind of habits you should be keeping or working to improve during your routine checkup.

What Happens at the Dental Visit?

A regular dental visit entails a checkup and cleaning. For the checkup, the dentist examines your teeth for cavities, plaque, and tartar. Your gums are also examined for gum diseases using a special tool. During the cleaning process, your dentist or a dental assistant will use a tool to remove tartar through scaling. Finally, they will do a comprehensive cleaning of your teeth.

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