What to Consider before Getting Invisalign

Invisalign is beloved by millions of patients, people like you who have been on the hunt for a solution to crooked, misaligned, or imperfect teeth. Sure, old-fashioned braces work just fine, but there are several reasons why most adults prefer not to get them. For one, they're very obvious. Second of all, people feel that they prefer the freedom of wearing something removable, like Invisalign. Finally, many adults worry that braces can make them look childish, mainly because they're associated with junior high-aged children whose adult teeth are developing imperfectly.

But that doesn't mean that Invisalign is perfect. These flexible, plastic molds that slowly shift and correct your teeth can come with their own sets of challenges. Before you decide to get Invisalign, here are the most important things that a dental professional would want you to consider.

Invisalign They're Removable

Invisalign is famous for its flexible, removable molds, which can be removed during mealtimes and while brushing to prevent plaque buildup. While you may already know this about Invisalign, a dentist would want you to know that they should be removed from time to time. Eating with Invisalign in place can damage the plastic, and can lead to food getting caught inside them. Remove them before eating, flossing, and brushing, and be sure you brush after meals and before re-inserting your Invisalign. All of this care is necessary to prevent stains from forming on your teeth.

You Shouldn't Smoke

Don't smoke while wearing Invisalign. This can lead to discoloration of your teeth. While this is always true, and any good dentist would insist that you quit smoking, smoking while using Invisalign can pose a danger to your teeth, a more immediate one that's particularly shocking. The smoke that you inhale can cause discoloration around the aligners, leaving permanent stains that mark where your aligners previously were. Smoking is so bad for your health that dentists almost guarantee these stains will develop.

Smile Water Only

Water is the only liquid that you're safe to drink while wearing your plastic aligners. Coffee, tea, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks like fruit juice, and virtually any other type of liquid have the potential to stain your teeth. Why is this the case? Your aligners can trap liquids and sugars against your teeth, causing bacteria to consume them, then release stain-causing acids onto your teeth. If you're going to drink anything besides water, remove your Invisalign first!

Remember that Invisalign isn't for everyone. It has its own challenges. For instance, like braces, Invisalign can cause pain and discomfort while your teeth shift into the correct placement. Some people don't think that this sensation is worth it. Some people also think that the price may be too steep. However, for children and adults, Invisalign is a far superior alternative to wearing traditional, metal braces.

If you want to learn more about wearing Invisalign, visit an Alaska dental arts center, like North Pole Dental Workshop. Call them today to set an appointment, and you can discuss your concerns, ask questions, and get a consultation with a dentist. Your dentist can help you decide if Invisalign is right for you, and if not, which alternative cosmetic treatments you can try.