Preparing Your Child for First Dental Visit

Child Dentist One milestone of life that just about all of us go through, but hardly gets mentioned is that first trip to the dentist. In the best case scenario, a toddler is brought in to the dentist once their teeth have come in, although the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child be taken to the dentist at the first appearance of the first tooth or no later than their first birthday. While there are health issues associated with getting your child into the dentist early, a major reason for introducing your child to dental in Fairbanks, AK, is that it helps them become used to the dentist, which will make future visits easier. Here is how to make sure your child is ready for their first dental visit.

Schedule in the Morning

Most children are in their best mood in the morning. By afternoon, they're tired and many need a nap, which increases their irritability. Visiting in the morning allows your child to see a dentist in Fairbanks during the time of day when the best likelihood of a positive visit exists. Additionally, visiting in the morning helps avoid afternoon hunger, which can also cause irritability or make inspecting their mouth more difficult if the child has just eaten.

Do Not Schedule during Nap Time

Your child has a routine. That routine probably includes a set nap time. Do not schedule a visit leading up to, during, or right after that allotted time. This is because a tired child is an irritable child and having a dentist inspect their mouth when they're tired and irritable is a prescription for a problematic visit. That can lead to your child associating the dentist with negative feelings, which can induce them to resist visiting dentists throughout their entire lives.

Dental Fill out Paperwork Ahead of Time

Ever try controlling your toddler while you were trying to pick a show on television? How about have a conversation with a friend? If you're a typical parent, you know that trying to manage a toddler while doing either of these relatively simple tasks requires the patience of Job, dexterity of an Olympics gymnast, and attentiveness of a NASCAR racer on a road course. Now, try to do paperwork on top of all that and add in other young children in the waiting room to constantly distract and intrigue your child. Filling out the necessary paperwork before you get to the former Alaska Dental Arts complex is an incredibly smart thing to do if keeping your sanity is one of your life goals.

Feed Your Child a Light Meal Beforehand

The entire purpose of all this advice is to have your kid fairly docile by the time they get to the Dentist’s chair. In this case, that means making sure your child is not hungry before their appointment. A light meal, to take the edge off, so to speak, will ensure your child is able to cope with the stress of a new experience where someone is constantly trying to see into your mouth.

Taking your child to dental in Fairbanks, AK, does not have to be stressful. With a little pre-planning, you can ensure they come out of the visit happy and you can rest assured your child’s oral health is where it needs to be.