Invisalign vs Braces: Know What's Right for You

With excellent options available at reasonable prices, there's no reason you should have to live with crooked teeth. The big question is which of the two main options - Invisalign or braces - work best for you. One of them is going to be necessary if you want straight teeth and a healthy bite, so here are some things you need to know so you can fix you teeth without having to see an emergency dentist in Fairbanks.

The Classic Fix to Crooked Teeth

There's a reason braces have been the most popular means of straightening teeth since the invention of orthodontics. Braces work. Attaching directly to the face of your teeth, these metal brackets will be a permanent part of your smile until they're removed. Since they work around the clock to fix your bite, braces require fewer trips to the dentist, and you'll never be tempted to remove them, since you couldn't if you wanted to. The permanent nature of braces also means you can make more dramatic fixes to your teeth than Invisalign can, and are perfect for fixing crooked or overcrowded teeth. If your orthodontic problems are more extreme than your typical patient, braces are often your best option.

A Modern Approach

The most obvious benefit to Invisalign is they are practically invisible. Custom-made for your teeth, there are no wires or brackets or anything else to cause discomfort or make the wearer feel self-conscious about their appearance. Furthermore, the smooth nature of Invisalign makes them perfect for athletes or anyone else who risk getting hit in the mouth with a ball or a well-placed elbow.

While there is a slight risk that since the trays are removable, the wearer might be tempted to keep them out rather than in the mouth where they can do the most good, eating is much easier. In fact, as opposed to traditional braces where dietary restrictions may occur, since you can remove Invisalign for meals, there's literally no food that's off limits. From hard and chewy candies, to corn on the cob, your orthodontic needs will no longer get in the way of whatever you want to eat. Another nice thing is typically, unless you require braces for extremely crooked or overcrowded teeth, Invisalign is worn for a far shorter period of time. On average, Invisalign wearers can expect to wear their trays for between 9 and 15 months, whereas braces usually must be worn for 2 or more years.

What's Best for You

To many people, the downsides to braces aren't all that important. If you're not bothered by the discomfort, or mind the look of having braces for a couple years, going the traditional route isn't necessarily a problem. However, for those who dislike the look and feeling of braces, it's good to know there's an option like Invisalign, so you're no longer forced to wear braces if you don't to.

From the nearly invisible appearance, to the increased comfort and convenience, if Invisalign sounds appealing, check with your family dental in Fairbanks, AK, today to see if it's right for you. In no time, you could be on your way to straighter teeth with relatively little pain or change in your appearance.