How to Control Your Gag Reflex During a Dental Treatment


Gag reflex is common for most people, and it’s the body’s way of blocking objects from entering the throat to prevent choking. If you have an over-active gag reflex, you may be hesitant about your next visit to a Fairbanks dentist. Here are a few steps you can take to control your gag reflex during a dental treatment.

What Is a Gag Reflex?

Gag reflex is a compression that occurs inside of your throat. When something is touching or near to the back of the tongue, roof of the mouth, or the back of the throat, your body’s reflex reacts to prevent choking. When your brain believes that something is harmful, it sends signals to your body to propel objects from the throat area outward.

Understand the Causes of Gag Reflex?

As mentioned above, the gag reflex is your body’s reaction to defend against a potential foreign object from entering your throat and blocking your ability to breathe. The intensity of a gag reflex is different for each person and many people have an over-active gag reflex. There are certain psychological components that can contribute to causing your gag reflex to be even more extreme. These factors can include aggravating a pre-existing gagging issue or developing one. You may have anxiety surrounding dental visits, which is a common problem that affects many people in North Pole, AK.


Controlling Gag Reflex

Desensitize before Your Dental Visit:

There are steps you can take to decrease your gag sensitivity before you see a dentist. Use your toothbrush to find where your gag reflex starts, and then brush in that same place for approximately ten seconds. You should repeat this process each night for several nights and you’ll notice that your gag reflex gradually shifts into being desensitized. This is an effective technique that can work as a long-term treatment for your gag reflex.

Stop Attempts to Swallow Saliva:

Most people in North Pole, Alaska do not want to be the one to drool in the dentist chair. As tempting as it may be to avert drool from slipping out of your mouth, this can actually lead to gagging.

Focus on Breathing through the Nose:

When your mouth is propped open, it’s easy to want to breathe through your mouth. However, it is one of the greatest prevalent causes. Concentrate on breathing through your nose completely. In circumstances where you have a stuffy nose, you can take a decongestant that is available over-the-counter before showing up at a North Pole dental visit.

Dentist Assistance with Gag Reflex

Your dentist in North Pole, Alaska can use techniques to aid in decreasing your gag reflex during your appointment.

Use a Topical Anesthetic Gel or Spray:

When dentists use a topical anesthetic, it numbs the common areas that trigger a gag reflex. This can prevent or reduce the effects of this issue while the dentist performs their work.

Apply a Rubber Mouth Dam:

A rubber mouth dam is used to reduce the frequent contributor of the gag reflex by facilitating a barrier that blocks fluids from getting inside of your mouth.

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