Health Hazards of Ignoring a Dental Abscess

Do you have an infected tooth? If so, this is called a dental abscess. While the pain from the infection may come and go and be somewhat tolerable, you shouldn’t ignore this problem. Instead, you should contact a dentist in Fairbanks for treatment. Allowing dental abscesses to continue to be untreated can cause numerous problems.

Dental abscess pain Bone Infections

It’s not uncommon for people with a tooth or gum infection to hope that it clears up on its own. However, if the infection persists untreated for some time, you may end up with an infection that spreads into the maxilla and mandible bones. These are the bones that make up the jaw. In extreme cases, when infections get into the bone, surgery may be necessary to get rid of the infected jawbone.

Tooth Loss

No one wants to deal with missing teeth. Yet, when infected teeth aren’t treated right away by an emergency dentist in Fairbanks using a root canal or crown method, you end up facing this possibility. Then, you’ll need dental implant surgery to restore oral function.

Sinus Infections

Upper teeth have long roots that extend up into the sinus cavities. When you have an infection in an upper tooth, it’s not uncommon to also develop a sinus infection. The good news is that, once the infected tooth is fixed, the sinus infection symptoms should go away.


Septicemia is a very serious complication of an abscess. Whenever the body encounters an infection, its natural response is to increase antibodies in the infected area. To do this, the body sends extra blood to the area. Unfortunately, when the infection ruptures where this blood is stored, it then spills back into the body and circulates throughout the bloodstream. If this happens, you’ll need more than the best dentist to help you out. You’ll need to go to the emergency room to have intravenous antibiotics pumped through your body. Septicemia is a life-threatening condition, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Take care of infected teeth and prevent this serious health risk.

Visit to dentist Brain Infections

In addition to septicemia, another life-threatening result of ignoring an infected tooth is developing a brain infection. You’ll need to be hospitalized if this happens and treatment could take several weeks.

Signs of an Infection

It’s true that people very rarely die of tooth infections, but, as you can see, ignoring teeth or gum infections is problematic. Dentists in Fairbanks, Alaska, want their patients to know the signs of an infection. Yes, pain is the number one sign that something isn’t right, but not all infections start off as painful. Also, people have varying degrees of pain tolerance. Therefore, it’s important to look for other signs, such as:

    • Tender gums
    • Redness
    • Throbbing in the ears, neck, or jaw
    • Fever
    • Pain when eating
    • Swelling in the cheeks or face
    • Sensitivity to hot or cold food

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, get in touch with your dentist right away. The sooner you get the problem looked at, the more treatment options you have. You’ll also feel better faster and have peace of mind that your oral health is in great shape. When you need dental care in Fairbanks for an abscess, contact North Pole Dental Workshop for quality dental services.