How to Fix Damage from Teeth Grinding

While your unconscious teeth grinding may not take up much of your time, the damage it can cause to your teeth can become quite serious. What once seemed like a harmless habit known as bruxism can quickly become a source of dental issues. If you're wondering how to fix grinded teeth, don’t worry—there are ways toExternal link opens in new tab or window fix the damage from teeth grinding and keep your smile in top shape!

Everything You Need to Know About Bruxism

The simple breakdown of bruxism is this: it’s the condition in which you grind, clench or gnash your teeth. In some cases, this can mean grinding and clenching during the day, while others do so primarily at night while sleeping. It was reported thatExternal link opens in new tab or window up to 30% of people do so in one way or another.

And if left untreated, damage caused by bruxism can become quite serious:

  • Teeth may chip or crack

  • Dentin can be exposed

  • Your jaw may become misaligned

To help prevent further damage and learn how to fix grinded teeth, your dentist may suggest a custom-fitted mouthguard to wear at night while you sleep. But what if the damage has already been done? Here are some grinded down teeth repair tips:


Grinded teeth repair isn't impossible—the pain that may come with bruxism can be treated by crowns. This dental restoration is a cap that covers the visible surface of your tooth, protecting it from further damage. Because crowns are typically used to restore a tooth, they can also help with bruxism damage by helping the tooth stay intact and avoiding any further cracking or chipping.

The last thing you need is more damage when learning how to fix grinded teeth and a crown is just the solution needed to preserve your teeth and give you the peace of mind that your smile is safe.


In worst-case scenarios, grinding could lead to discoloration or a misshapen tooth. For grinded teeth repair, your dentist may suggestExternal link opens in new tab or window veneers. This thin shell of porcelain is designed to fit the surface of your tooth and can help make it look perfect again.

But veneers can provide more than a nice aesthetic—they can also help protect your tooth from further damage. The additional layer of protection over the surface of your teeth helps keep them safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about future grinding.


Bonding is the process of using a tooth-colored composite resin to mend the damage caused by grinding. This is best used for minor chips, but it can also be used to repair cracks and small gaps in your teeth.

However, if the damage done from bruxism is too serious for bonding, your dentist may suggest a different option for fixing your grinded down teeth. If you’ve been grinding your teeth and have noticed changes in the shape of your smile, it’s best to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible for teeth repair.

Your dentist can help determine which type of repair procedure is best for you and get you on the path to restoring a healthy, beautiful smile. And with the right treatment, you can be sure your teeth remain in perfect condition and the damage from grinding is no longer a worry.

North Pole Dental: Where Your Smile Comes First

At North Pole Dental, your smile comes first. We understand the importance of having healthy teeth and want to make sure you’re smiling with confidence. That’s why we offer a variety of services for grinded teeth repair, including crowns, veneers, and bonding—allowing us to provide personalized solutions for each patient.

And if your grinding continues, we can provide custom-fitted mouthguards that will help protect your teeth from any further damage. So don’t wait—External link opens in new tab or windowschedule an appointment with us today and let us take care of the rest!