Everything You Should Know When Replacing Your Lost Teeth

The average adult has 32 permanent teeth of varying shapes and sizes, each one optimized for eating different types of food. Human teeth are strong -- you know this if you've ever accidentally bitten yourself when eating a chip -- but they are also substantially weaker than other animals' teeth. Our teeth are quite susceptible to coming loose, breaking, and falling out. In fact, the average person will lose at least one permanent tooth by the time they reach middle age. When this happens, the lost teeth should be replaced as soon as possible.

Read on to learn all you should know about replacing your lost permanent teeth.

Dentist Works on Patient Common Reasons for Tooth Loss

There are many causes of adult tooth loss. Blunt force to the face due to an accident or injury can dislodge teeth. However, poor oral hygiene may be to blame. Gums infected with gingivitis can start to recede so much that delicate tooth roots are exposed, increasing your chances of tooth loss. Gum disease can even attack the jaw and ligament tissue that anchor your teeth in place. Take care not to brush your teeth and gums too aggressively, as this can contribute to gum recession.

When we don't brush and floss our teeth regularly, cavities and other problems start to develop. Tooth decay is a major cause of tooth loss. Eating a diet that's high in acid and sugar without taking proper care of your teeth can cause your teeth to become so decayed and infected that they eventually fall out. If they don't fall out, they are sometimes so infected that the dentist has to remove the teeth anyway.

Do They Need to Be Replaced?

If you lose a tooth, it's very important to replace it. It can be harder to eat, speak, and drink liquids if you have missing teeth. Even worse, areas where teeth have gone missing will start to experience gumline recession and even jaw tissue degradation. Your body is essentially recycling tissue that's now unused. This can start to affect your oral health and will be rather uncomfortable. If you experience tooth loss, talk to your dentist about your next steps.

Older Man Talks to Dentist You Have Options

Your local dentist has plenty of fast, easy options for replacing your teeth. These include:

  • Dental implants - False but permanent replacements that are anchored into a bone socket
  • Bridges - False teeth on a metal frame that are designed to replace several consecutive missing teeth
  • Dentures - A false set of removable teeth that can be full or partial, and are only worn during the daytime

There are advantages and disadvantages to each. For instance, some young people prefer not to wear dentures. However, dental implants require extensive surgery and may not be recommended if you've lost many teeth.

If you've lost a permanent tooth or think you might soon, call North Pole Dental Workshop right away. We are here to discuss your options for tooth replacement. We also provide emergency dentist services. Call us today for immediate care or to make a future appointment with some of the best External link opens in new tab or windowdentists in Fairbanks, AK.