Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is important for making a great first impression. But a healthy, even smile can also improve your speech and relieve discomfort when eating. A local dentist can help you improve the aesthetics of your smile easily and with a few simple techniques. Just make sure that you visit a cosmetic dentist, or a specialist who uses safe and effective procedures like implants to make your smile look better.

So what are your best options when it comes to improving your smile? These are some of the best procedures, and the details that you should consider when you visit your local dental care center.

Woman in dentist chair examining teeth in mirror Crowns

Crowns are permanent layers that resemble real teeth, and are applied to your row of teeth, covering the front, back, and sides. They can hide imperfections like misshapen or cracked teeth, and can even strengthen teeth that are considered weak or loose. You care for them in the same way that you would take care of natural teeth. Brush and floss them regularly.

Crowns are generally considered a great option for those who have several teeth to fix, and want to improve a large portion of their smile. That's because crowns are molded to fit over several continuous teeth.


A veneer is a type of partial crown that covers just the front of your teeth. It's made of thin, white porcelain that's styled to look natural. Veneers are often applied to cover discolored or badly stained teeth, or teeth that are fractured. Veneers are popular cosmetic procedures often associated with celebrities. That's because even people with healthy teeth can apply veneers to make some slight but impactful improvements.

Because they only cover the front of your teeth, dentists recommend veneers to those who just want to improve the aesthetics of their smile, not strengthen or support teeth. For the latter, crowns are substantially superior.

Selecting matching implants for female patient Bridges

Are you missing teeth due to an accident or injury? Has tooth decay caused you to lose or tooth? A dentist may also ask that you have a tooth extracted due to decay. For these cases, bridges are a great option. Bridges are artificial teeth that are designed to fit directly into a mostly healthy, attractive smile, only replacing a few missing or lost teeth. Bridges rely on the surrounding teeth for support, and fit snugly into the rest of your smile.

Bridges are a great option for those who aren't interested in surgical implants, and who just want to replace a few lost or damaged teeth.


Implants, unlike bridges, are attached directly into the jawbone during a serious medical procedure. These artificial teeth--often made of white porcelain--are designed to fit directly into your smile. While bridges require healthy surrounding teeth for support, implants rely on the jaw for support. This means that they need healthy bone tissue to anchor them in place. However, implants can help support healthy jawbones, and are ultra-durable.

Because implants require serious surgery, they aren't necessarily recommended as a solution for replacing an entire smile. However, implants offer a genuine tooth replacement that acts are regular teeth and offers full support.

For more information about cosmetic dentistry, visit External link opens in new tab or windowFairbanks dentists who provide the above options, like North Pole Dental Workshop. You can learn which option is right for your individual health, the improvements that you'd like to make, and more.