Common Causes of Dental Injuries

Mouth injuries are painful and traumatic. Depending on the type of injury you experience, tooth loss, surgery, or a crown may be required. No matter the type of injury, it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible. How do these injuries occur? While there are many different causes, here are a few of the most common that your emergency dentist in Fairbanks, Alaska, sees.

Sports Injuries

There’s a reason that athletes are advised to wear protective gear. Sports endanger your body, especially your mouth. Pushing, tackling, and sporting equipment can all cause injuries if you’re not cautious. To prevent chips, broken teeth, or split lips, remember to wear a helmet when required and always wear a mouth guard.

Home Injuries

While your home may seem like a safe place, many mouth injuries occur there. A slip or fall could easily result in a chipped or cracked tooth. To reduce the risk of injury, ensure that your home is safe. Repair any railings or stairs that may need it, wipe up spills immediately, and be careful while cleaning. If a mouth injury does occur, don’t wait to see your dentist. The sooner, the better!

Poor Hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily is recommended by the ADA. Not only does this give you fresh breath and clean teeth, but it may also reduce your risk of mouth injury. Plaque slowly builds up on brushed teeth, leading to decay. Over time, this decay weakens the enamel of the tooth, causing cavities. Cavities weaken teeth, leaving them susceptible to infection and tooth loss. While many mouth injuries occur due to accidents, this is one way you can prevent problems and keep your teeth in excellent condition.


There’s nothing better than biting into an apple. Unfortunately, hard and crunchy food items can cause brittle or weak teeth to crack or chip. In fact, what you eat may play more of a role in the health of your teeth than you think. If you have fillings or crowns in place, they may become loose while eating chewy foods. While it’s impossible to predict whether or not a food is going to cause injury too your mouth, take care of your teeth to ensure they remain strong.

If you’re experiencing pain, injury, or a missing tooth, you’re dealing with a dental emergency. A dental emergency can occur at any time and for several different reasons. No matter the cause of your injury, don’t wait to see your dentist. Your AK dentist will quickly assess your mouth and create a treatment plan. The longer you wait, the more you risk tooth loss and other complications.