An Overview of the Root Canal Therapy

If you need a root canal, you may be feeling some anxiety about this unknown procedure. Fortunately, a root canal isn't as painful or as scary as many people would lead you to believe, especially if you know what the procedure is and how it works. Here are some things about the procedure you should know.

When It's Needed

While you may worry that the end result of a root canal is severe pain, it's actually a great way to stop pain from an infected tooth that you're already feeling. A root canal is needed when the inside of the tooth, either the pulp chamber or root canals or both, become infected. Serious tooth decay, abscess, injury, or other damage can cause this.

What It Is

Root canal therapy removes the tooth's nerve, infected pulp, and root canals so that the surrounding tooth can be saved. The chambers and canals are filled before a temporary filling is placed prior to the permanent crown.

Steps of the Procedure

The first step of the root canal procedure is making the patient comfortable. Anesthesia is administered just as it is during a regular cavity filling. A needle is used to administer the anesthesia, so you won't feel anything during the procedure. After the tooth is numb, a dental dam will be used to isolate the tooth to keep it dry and clean. A drill is then used to make a small opening in the tooth so the damaged pulp can be removed and the chamber can be thoroughly washed. In many cases, the dentist will use antimicrobial solution inside the chamber to ensure there are no bacteria remains. After the chamber is clean and dry, it will be filled and a temporary filling closes the tooth's opening. After that, some other type of restoration like a crown is usually placed.

Care Following a Root Canal

Complications of a root canal are rare and recovery is generally quick. There may be some tissue irritation around the tooth, but most people experience no discomfort. If you're in severe pain, contact your dentist.

Root canals aren't as scary as television and movies make it out to be. It's one of the most safe procedures pertaining to dental. In Fairbanks, AK, for instance, you can contact the professionals at North Pole Dental Workshop to talk more about root canals and schedule your next check up.