What to Do If You Chip a Tooth

When a tooth makes contact with a hard surface or object, it is susceptible to getting chipped. A chipped tooth may not cause any issues for you, but it could lead to serious conditions that could require a Fairbanks emergency dentist to help. When a person chips a tooth, it's important for them to take the following steps.

Contact Your Dentist

The person should contact their dentist to tell him or her about the incident. Although the chip may seem small and painless, it could quickly lead to more serious problems. For example, the tooth could be cracked with damage to the root. There could also be an infection in the tooth, which could lead to many more serious problems.. The dentist will check out the chip and may take x-rays to determine what steps should be taken.

Cover Jagged Edges

Until the person can see their dentist, it would be wise to cover any jagged edges. Some people may try to file the tooth with a nonmetal emery board, but most dentists would discourage them from trying this because it could lead to further damage. Instead, place sugar-free gum on the edge to protect the tongue and cheek.  

Utilize Clove Oil

Many dentists' offices used to rely on cloves for their antibacterial and numbing effects. Clove oil can be used to treat the pain until a person can see their dentist for assistance.

Avoid Hard Foods

Although a person doesn't need to live off of mashed potatoes and Jell-O, it would be wise to refrain from eating any hard foods. Things like suckers could cause more pieces of the tooth to break off.

If the break is larger, a person should put it in milk or hold it under their tongue until they can see their emergency dentist in Fairbanks. Even if the tooth can't be saved, their dentist will have the tools and materials resembling teeth needed to fill the space and give the person a natural-looking smile in no time.