The Importance of an Annual Dental Checkup

It may be tempting to skip a dental checkup, however those missed appointments add up. Having a dental checkup twice a year is vital to preventing tooth decay and keeping teeth and gums healthy. Read on to learn why North Pole Family Dentistry recommends a twice annual dental checkup.


During a regular appointment, your teeth and gums will be examined to spot any dental decay or early signs of gum disease. Buildup up of plaque and tartar under gum tissue can cause gum disease, which makes regular cleaning vital. You cannot completely clean this buildup by brushing your teeth at home, which is why it is important that a professional at North Pole Dentistry cleans your teeth.

Identify Problems Early

Regular checkups keep plaque and tartar off the teeth, preventing buildup that can cause bleeding, inflamed, or in some cases receding gums. If there is a concern with your teeth, your dentist may take X-rays or digital images of the problem area. This helps to determine if there is an infection underneath the gums. If it is undetected, a problem can spread and cause discomfort and other complications. It is easiest and cheapest to fix issues early on. Early detection also helps prevent adult tooth loss.

Dental Decay

Dental decay, also known as cavities, is caused by acid eroding the dental enamel of your teeth. This acid comes from plaque trapped in between or on the surface of teeth. Acid wears away enamel to cause a cavity which, if left untreated, will spread to the roots and interior of the tooth, which is about as painful as it sounds. Regular cleaning from a North Pole Alaska Dentist can help prevent plaque buildup from ever beginning this process.


Dental infections are serious business, often requiring emergency dental care and preventing you from eating and going about other regular daily activities. Infections are caused by an infected root, which then spreads and causes extreme discomfort. Treatment can include dental crowns, root canals, or even tooth extractions. Recovery may require time off from work. Time spent at North Pole Dental Arts now can prevent time wasted in the future.

Gum Disease

To put it simply, gum disease causes adult tooth loss. Without regular dental appointments, you will likely develop gum disease. Untreated gum disease will lead to tooth loss, which makes regular twice-yearly checkups at North Pole Family Dentistry a no-brainer. You want to keep your smile shiny and bright for years to come, and only regular appointments with your dentist can do that.