5 Things to Look for When Finding a New Dentist

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So, you’re looking for a new dentist. Whether you just moved, had an insurance change, or are looking for a different provider for your needs, you want to make sure a new dental practice is the right fit for you.

There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to finding a new dentist. Here are five essential things you’ll want to look at before making a decision:

Online Reviews

One of the best ways to look into a prospective dentist is to find out about other people’s experiences. Asking friends in the area can be a good start, but you will want to hear about several patients’ experiences. Online reviews can be a great resource to evaluate different options.

There are lots of dedicated online platforms that offer dentist reviews. Google reviews and Health Grades are both great sites that offer ratings from patients. Make sure to look at the average ratings and read some of the comments that may mention details that are important to you. In addition, be sure to evaluate the number of reviews that have been left to see how established and popular the practice is.


The location of a dental practice is definitely an important factor. You need to make sure your dentist’s office is in a convenient place for you and anyone else in your household. Think about where you will usually be coming from for your appointments. Many people will want to search near their home address, while others may prefer options that are closer to their school or office.

Ensuring that your dentist is in the right location is essential for reducing stress in scheduling. When making a last minute appointment, it will be helpful to not have to plan significant drive time for your appointment.

Insurance & Financing Options

Dentistry can be costly. Before setting an appointment, be sure to call the dental office and see if they accept your insurance. Many dental plans cover bi-annual routine checkups and cleanings. Find out what your copayment and other costs would be with any services. If you’re not insured, ask the dentist if they have financing options available for patients.

Some people may avoid dental checkups and care when needed in order to put off costs. But basic preventative and care services now can save you from expensive procedures later. Your dental health is important, so prioritize finding care options that work for you. Many dental programs and financing options allow for inexpensive essential and preventative services.

Specific Services

There are a variety of different dental services available, and not all practices offer the same things. Before setting an appointment, be sure to check out their options. If you have current specific needs, ask the dentist if they are able to help you with them. Make sure to ask if the dentist offers same-day emergency appointments as well, as you may need this later.

You may have a history of procedures and want to make sure that your new dentist is able to continue with maintenance and repairs on past work. Ask them about care continuity if you have a history of any complex dentistry work like dental implants or crowns. You may also want to ask about any services you’re considering for the future, such as cosmetic dentistry like tooth whitening.

Comfort & Safety

A new dentist is a personal preference, and it’s essential that you feel comfortable in every step of the appointment process. Ask all the questions you have before scheduling an appointment. Check in about safety practices they have in place, especially in regards to COVID-19. Knowing that they prioritize creating the best experience is a great sign for patients visiting a new dentist.

If you tend to be nervous going into dental appointments, talk to the dental practice about your concerns. Ask them how they deal with dental anxiety and if they have options to help patients feel more comfortable. This is a great time to hear from them if they are going to be able to look after your needs from start to finish.

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Changing to a new dental practice can be a big change. Looking for these five things is key to make sure you get the best service for both you and your family.

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