5 Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by plaque sitting along one's gums. If treated by one of the North Pole dentists, there won't be any problems. If left untreated, however, there could be serious issues. It's best to watch for signs of gum disease to catch it as early as possible. Here are 5 of those signs.

Bleeding Gums

If a person notices that their gums start to bleed whenever they brush or floss their teeth, their gums could be in the early stages of gum disease. They should also watch for red, tender, or swollen gums, which can also be signs of the early stages.

Presence of Pus

As the gum disease starts to advance, the gums can get infected. When separating the teeth, a person may notice pus oozing out of the crevices between the teeth and gums. This should be treated as soon as possible.

Chronic Halitosis

A person may suffer from bad breath every now and again, but chronic bad breath can be a sign of a serious infection. A dentist should check out the mouth of any person suffering from bad breath or a bad taste in their mouth to determine the cause of it.

Loose Teeth

If the teeth feel loose or seem to be pulling away from the gums, there could be something wrong with the gums that is causing this. A dentist will examine the gums and areas where this is happening to determine what can be done to reverse the effects.

Changing Alignment

If a person bites down and notices that their teeth no longer fit together the way they always have, there could be a problem with gum disease causing the movement. People who wear dentures or retainers may also notice that the devices no longer fit them correctly. They should visit their dentist to discover the cause of the changes and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

When a person notices any of these issues, it's important to contact one of the External link opens in new tab or windowNorth Pole dentists right away to find out what can be done to reverse the effects and get their gums back to great condition.